Fundraising Projects

Our Goal

Victor Udall Photography, LLC is proud support the fundraising activities of various organizations that make a difference.

  • Our photographers and staff donate their time to the project
  • We cover all production costs, including design, printing, packaging and shipping
  • No out-of-pocket costs to the organization
  • 100% of net proceeds are donated to the organization

Montana Osprey Project

Victor Udall Photography, LLC is proud to support the University of Montana, Division of Biological Services' Montana Osprey Project (MOP), headed by Professor Erick Greene.

The MOP is a long-term study of Ospreys along the upper Clark Fork River and its tributaries in Western Montana.  The area has high heavy metal concentrations from mine waste and MOP research seeks to determine how the contamination affects both the Osprey and the river ecosystem.

Our photographers captured intimate moments of an Osprey family and baby in thousands of photographs and showcased some of the best shots in a variety products including calendars, mugs and prints.  100% of the proceeds have been donated to support the fine work of Dr. Greene and the Montana Osprey Project.

Therapeutic Riding Centers

We are proud to have supported the fundraising activities of therapeutic riding centers focused on helping riders with disabilities lead more enriched lives.

Our photographers captured the personalities of the horses while in their stables or working with their trainers.  The best shots have been featured in coffee table books, calendars and canvas prints.

100% of the proceeds have been donated to to support the work of therapeutic riding centers.

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